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Improving iPad Interface

Posted on Saturday, 12 January 2013 | No Comments

The original touch interface constructed here was improved using the TouchOSC editor to include labels and LEDs to show the robot's status, and player's score.  When a robot is hit, the plan is to disable it's movement for a set amount of time. These LEDs will show where the robot was hit, and whether the robot can be moved or not.  This is important feedback to the player. A screenshot of the new interface design can be seen below.
Improved Interface
Two sets of this interface were designed and tested on two iPads, with slight differences in labelling to show which iPad is controlling which robot.  The names of components on the second interfaces were named '/2/control' so that the games master can differentiate between messages sent from each.

Interface on the two iPads
More testing will be required to ensure that OSC messages can be received and processed from the two controllers, and to check that  messages can be sent to the controllers to provide feedback to the player.

During testing of the full prototypes, it was discovered that the servo adjust pad was sending too many update messages through the system too quickly, and flooding the serial connection.  Rather than artificially slow down these messages, resulting in a jumpy and jerky user experience, four buttons were implemented for up, down, left and right.  All of these moved their respective axis by one degree, meaning a message was only sent when the user presses a button, and giving them much more control over their aim.  The final interface is below.
Final Interface

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