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Posted on Friday, 18 January 2013 | No Comments

A specific Raspberry Pi camera has been developed which interfaces directly with the GPU, which would improve it's performance, however these have not been put into production yet.  It has been suggested that using the VoIP service Skype for the video streaming would work as a simple solution.  Each robot would have a mobile device attached to it, and the user would run a video call from it.

To fix the motors causing interrupts issue, it has been suggested to use smoothing capacitors to reduce the current spike and resulting voltage dips.  Another solution would be to disable interrupts from being triggered while the robot is driving, or changing the interrupts from falling to rising edge could also solve the problem.

At the moment the PCB has to be removed to change the batteries (which is fairly often with cheap batteries) , this is not an ideal solution.  Large PCB spacers could be mounted in the chassis and drilled through the PCB. so that it is mounted high enough that the batteries can be removed without removing the PCB.  On a similar note, the PCB should be redesigned with the correct size of Molex connectors, so that the connections can be neater and more robust.

As discussed earlier, more work will be done on accessing the serial port through Processing on the Raspberry Pi, this will allow the games master GUI to be run on a much cheaper machine.

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