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Final Build Pictures

Posted on Thursday, 17 January 2013 | No Comments

The PCBs were mounted using double sided tape on top of cardboard to protect connections on the bottom.  This was mounted on top of the 6V battery pack, which was in turn stuck to the chassis.  This type of mounting is not ideal, as while it is secure, it makes changing the batteries underneath awkward, as the robot essentially has to be dismantled to do so.  This can be improved in future iterations of the design.

Bullseye targets were created and mounted on the LDRs, during testing it was found that these were particularly useful when the player has just missed the target, and can adjust accordingly. 

The Xbee can be seen mounted on the Xbee shield, with the Arduino underneath. 

The two iPads are controllers for each robot. 

The all important headlights were in operation.

A garage was made out of an old paper box for storage when not in use.

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