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This site documents our embedded systems project 'LaserBots' from design right through to implementation and testing.

For this project we proposed two Arduino powered robots controlled through iPads, with a 'Games Master' running on another machine (initially a Raspberry Pi).  The players could then fire lasers at the other's robot, with that robot detecting and updating scores accordingly.

See the technical manual below for how we designed and implemented the project within the time-frame  and the user manual for how to play the game.

LaserBots: User Manual

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The year is 2067. Health and Safety regulations have gone too far. Sport has been outlawed . To satisfy the entertainment needs of the people, robots have been created to fight one another. They have been built with family-friendly lasers. They hunt out the opponent and blast them away with their laser. Skill is everything. Failure is not an option. LaserBots - be entertained. 

(Rated PG. Ages 8+). 


The objective of LaserBots is to shoot the opponent robot and be the first to get to a score of 50. 


Currently, LaserBots is for two players. However, in the future, targets could be made and sold with the game so that the game could be for one player. To increase the number of players in the future, more XBees will need to be setup and added to the circle network. 

Technical Manual

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This page contains links to all technical information about the system, along with problems encountered with the original design and future improvements to the system.

Firing Device and Detection



Human Computer Interfaces


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