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Robotic Platform

Posted on Tuesday, 30 October 2012 | 4 Comments

The platform of the device will provide a mobile platform to base all the on-board electronics. It should be able to be maneuvered  relatively easily as well as being big enough to hold all of the electronics equipment and associated power supplies. The device should be able to be controlled using a number of digital outputs from the Arduino. The power needed for the device should be able to supplied using an on-board battery although this may be a different battery from the one used to power the electronics.

Chosen Design – Tamiya Tracked Vehicle - £19.00


The Tamiya tracked vehicle kit contains all the components we should need to build the base for our robotic device
Size:  8.5 x 5.6 x 2.4 inches


Will need the chassis kit as well as a dual motor gearbox so the robot can be maneuvered left and right as well as the forward and back functionality offered by the single gearbox that comes with the chassis. 



This design was chosen due to the simplicity and cost of the hardware, the Tamiya chassis comes as a kit and should be easy to assemble . A lot of the other solutions were also a lot more complex and would have taken  fine adjustment after construction to coordinate motors. A lot of the other solutions  also fell far outside of the project budget and so weren't possible. This double gearbox offers two possible gear ratios Standard: 203.7:1 or High Speed 8.2:1. 

Other Designs

1. Dagu Mr. Basic Mobile Robotic Platform-  £18.60

The Dagu Mr. Basic Mobile Robotic Platform is a simple 4WD robot chassis with an aluminium base, 2 motors/gearboxes and a 3xAA battery holder. The prototype PCB on top is double sided with plate through holes. The motors are rated 4.5V-6V with a no load current of 250mA and a stall current of 1.8A @ 4.5V each. The main issue with this product is it seems to be only supplied for the US market.
Aluminium based 4WD robot chassis 
2 motors/gearboxes and a 3xAA battery holder 
Double sided PCB with plate through holes
Motors are rated 4.5V-6V with a no load current of 250mA
Robot Dimensions: 13cm (long) x ~9cm (wide) 

2. 4WD Aluminum Mobile Robot Platform - £45.00 

2012 latest 4WD aluminum mobile robot platform. can hold many controllers, drivers, sensors and RFmodules etc, support plate with controller mounting holes, 2 dof pan and tilt holddown groove, collision switch mounting hole, an be added with sensors.light weight, high strength and no deformation characteristics. unique design and colour,cool feeling.elastic rubber tyres, with damping, wear-resisting, grip strong charastics.

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Potential problems


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