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Functional Specification

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A functional specification has been drawn up in order to clearly define our aims and objectives for this project.  This way, we can prioritise time effectively so that the most important objectives can be achieved first, before moving onto secondary ones.

Diagram of whole system
Below can be seen the basic, intermediate and advanced objectives that have been drawn up.


  •      Drive the robot using a remote control of some form
  •          Fire a device at a target. Target will register when it has been hit.
  •          Implement a basic scoring system with the Pi (print scores to screen).


  •          Move the laser remotely
  •          Implement a GUI for the scoring system
  •          Introduce multiple targets with different points
  •          Send still camera pictures to Pi (every few seconds, when a target is hit, etc. ?)


  •          Different speeds for the robot.
  •          Different modes for the laser (easy (move laser fast), hard (limited laser movement))
  •          Live video stream

Only once the basic aims have been completed should we move onto implementing intermediate and advanced objectives.  The next step is to now research into the subsystems, and design an implementation for each.

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