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Raspberry Pi Setup

Posted on Wednesday, 12 December 2012 | No Comments

The offboard system uses the raspberry pi as the base station to send and receive signals from the iPads over the network interface and process the messages and send control packets to the game master Xbee.

This Xbee is connected to the raspberry pi using a slice of pi interface board which sends and receives serial signals from the serial GPIO TX and RX pins on the raspberry pi to the UART data in and UART data out pins on the Xbee.

Although very simple and cheap it is worth noting the slice of pi board comes as a kit and needs assembled  and soldered together before it can be used. 

The raspberry pi was loaded with the softfloat debian operating system wheezy downloaded from http://downloads.raspberrypi.org/download.php?file=/images/debian/7/2012-08-08-wheezy-armel/2012-08-08-wheezy-armel.zip

The Raspberry Pi will run processing and use the OSC libraries in order to decode the OSC messages sent from the iPad over the network. There were some problems encountered in getting Processing to install and run correctly due to the version of Java for Raspberry Pi.
This has been discussed in another post - http://laserbots.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/processing-on-raspberry-pi.html

Scoring GUI running on the Raspberry Pi. 
Once processing was running, more issues were encountered with detecting and writing to the GPIO serial port on the Raspberry Pi. Due to time constraints and the approaching demonstration date it was decided to put this on hold to be fixed later and will hopefully revisit it in the future.

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